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ELIZA FALLS :: BOOK 1 :: OF MATES & MAGIC :: signed paperback and swag

Escape into a world where true love always wins, families are found and the heroines can save themselves.  Cinnamon roll heroes worship their mates, side character hijinks make you smile and the spice is open door.  If you liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Gilmore Girls, you're in for a treat!


Of Mates & Magic : Eliza Falls book 1

A salty witch struggling to keep her magic to herself and the Wolf who wants to eat her up.


If you’d asked me when I was a kid if I thought being able to control fire was on my list of Cool Things About Me, I’d have said heck yeah!  Turns out controlling the elements is a little trickier than you’d think.  Especially since acertain someonemoved to town and threw my magic into a tizzy.  He’s big, broody and sexy as hell.  Just thinking about him makes my hair stand up and my fingers tingle. If only he’d talk to me instead of grunting and glaring all the time, I think I could talk back to him.

But my magic is unpredictable and I can’t let him get too close, for his own good.  It’s better for everyone this way.


The moment I met her, I knew Cora was the only one for me.  After years spent searching for home, I’ve found it in the cagey glare of a woman who lights me up inside and sends me into a spiral of longing. She’s brilliant, beautiful and as salty as a honey badger.  Utterly perfect in every way. 

I just need to use my words and not grunt at her like a caveman whenever I see her.  But my Wolf wants to claim her in very carnal and biblical ways. It takes all my energy to contain his enthusiasm, making  for a lot of awkward interactions.  Every damn time.  

But now that I’ve found her, my Wolf won't be satisfied until we build a home for her and she accepts us as Mates.  I just need to control the beast inside me long enough to convince her to give me the time of day and earn her love.


Of Mates & Magic is the first novel in a series of paranormal romantic comedies set in Eliza Falls, a kooky little town in the Pacific Northwest where magic is real and the locals are more than they seem.

Fans ofPractical Magic and Juliette Cross'sStay a Spell series will enjoy this sexy, paranormal, small town romance!


*This listing is for a signed paperback novel and a sweet selection of book related swag, including, but not limited to, stickers, art cards and bookmarks.  This book was written by ME!  All stickers and swag were designed by me*