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Escape into a delightful world where magic is real and the locals are more than they seem.

Buffy meets the Gilmore Girls vibes!

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Modern and minimal keepsake jewellery personalized with your loved ones birth-stars, names and dates.

Wear your heart on your sleeve.

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A luxurious and elevated take on bookmarks. Handmade and cast in bronze, this stunning gift is jewellery for books!

Nose in a book... Head in the clouds...

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Intentionally designed jewellery to anchor you into how you want to feel. Powerful talismans to remind you of your own magic.

Inspired by nature, the stars and the magic in between.

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Keepsake Amulet

A classic coin pendant, customizable on both sides with constellations.


Family Bangle

A modern and minimalist piece with your loved ones honored on a 4mm wide sterling silver bangle.


Book Bling

A solid bronze bookmark designed to fit along the spine of your current read. Jewellery for books!


NightSky Signet

Keepsake Signet No.1, hand stamped with a starry night sky.


Bespoke Design

One Of A Kind custom work in my signature style.

Designed just for you.

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Of Mates & Magic

book 1

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Earth Wolf & Fire

book 2

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A Wolf By Any Other Name

book 3

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Sparks & Balances

book 4

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Lapis Solitaire

Lapis Lazuli often represents calm, inner power, intuition, self confidence and friendship. 


Black Spinel Solitaire

Black spinel often represents clarity of thought, creativity,
inspiration and manifestation. 


One of A Kind Regina Augustine with Spinel

Beautiful, badass and taking no shit. Manifest your most epic self.


DragonScales Ring

You are more powerful than you imagine, you can do hard things!

Go forth and be brave.


Cloud Ring

Keep your head in the clouds and follow your north star, sweet dreamer. There is always a silver lining.