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ELIZA FALLS :: BOOK 2 :: EARTH WOLF & FIRE :: signed paperback and swag

Escape into a world where true love always wins, families are found and the heroines can save themselves.  Cinnamon roll heroes worship their mates, side character hijinks make you smile and the spice is open door.  If you liked Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Gilmore Girls, you're in for a treat!

Earth Wolf & Fire: Eliza Falls book 2

A charming werewolf meets his match in a timid earth witch who just might be more than she seems.


I’m not going to argue that I’m a gregarious and charming werewolf with a mischievous grin for everyone I see. The proof is in the pudding.  Life in Eliza Falls follows a pleasing pattern of working at the Animal Rescue center and running the business side of the company I own with my brother Seb.  Life is good, if a little lonely.  Living with just my brother for so long, it now feels wonderful to be expanding our small Pack with Seb’s Mate and her family, planting roots in this kooky little town we now call home.  

But something’s still missing.

Until the day my bestie welcomes home an old friend and my Wolf falls wildly in love. Finally my life clicks into place with a joy so fierce I barely contain myself.  

When an unknown threat looms over my newfound happiness, I vow to do everything in my power to keep her safe, but will it be enough? 


Having magic that keeps me separate from my peers is just something I’ve gotten used to.  The only friends I had growing up were my cousin and her best friend in the summers spent in a funny small town in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s been so long since I’ve been back though, I’m not so sure where I fit anymore.  My magic has increased since I left five years ago and it’s getting harder to hear my own thoughts over the whisper of the wind.

Running into a Very Hot Man my first week in town isn’t something I planned.  The way the beast inside him shouts his affection at me?  Plot twist!  But not an unwelcome one.  Can my new werewolf boyfriend settle the magic inside me?  Or will my gifts be the key to unlocking happiness for both of us?

Earth Wolf & Fire is the second novel in the Eliza Falls series, magical small town romances with humor, high heat and guaranteed Happily Ever Afters.  Fans ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer,The Gilmore Girls andPractical Magic will enjoy this series!

*This listing is for a signed paperback novel and a sweet selection of book related swag, including, but not limited to, stickers, art cards and bookmarks.  This book was written by ME!  All stickers and swag were designed by me*